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About The Program

We understand the financial difficulties many countries face when it comes to opening a center.


In order to make the incredible Energy Enhancement System accessible and affordable to everyone around the world, UNIFYD Healing and EESystem have come together to create “The Helping Hand Program” to truly align with our collective mission of making this technology available to the world as a whole.


Centers in qualifying countries will receive special discounts to make it easier to open a center in their communities.

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*Guests attending the center that reside in the country must be provided EESystem sessions at no greater than $30/hr with valid proof of residency. Non-citizens should be charged the equivalent rate of their country of residence (ex. USA Citizen charged no greater than $60/hr USD).

Current Eligibility

Central America
South America
Sri Lanka
Malaysia (excl. Kuala Lumpur)
Panama (excl. Panama City)

*Applications in Mexico must be made accessible to all and not be a part of a resort or gated community.

EESystem Savings

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Helping Hand Savings (1).png
Helping Hand Savings (2).png
In order to receive all discounts of The Helping Hand Program, you must be fully approved

Get Started

Help bring the Energy Enhancement System to a country in need, gain access to our growing list of exclusive benefits, and receive savings in doing so that ultimately provide you with your participation in the UNIFYD Healing network at no-cost.

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