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UNIFYD Healing Center

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UNIFYD Healing is a global initiative to spread awareness of the incredible Energy Enhancement System (EESystem). By having a network of standardized centers providing this technology, we make it accessible, affordable, and available to all of humanity.

By harnessing our limitless resources to jumpstart the success of your UNIFYD Healing Center, we bring waves of awareness and new attention to your center. As our Network grows, we only become stronger in our ability to share the message and help individuals in need of alternatives.

As we continue to expand, we intend to expand our humanitarian efforts to ensure that the EESystem technology is available all around the world no matter what country or economic status you live in. With the help of each and every center a part of our Network, we are able to fund and donate EESystem's to countries that can't afford it on their own to make it available to the public for free.

By joining the UNIFYD Healing network, you are a part of something much bigger than just yourself and your center - you are a part of a movement that stands for unity, love & compassion.

Why Join UNIFYD Healing?

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Requirements To Join

In order to provide a trusted network of centers for individuals to experience the EESystem, we have a few requirements in order to be a part of the UNIFYD Healing Network.

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We require for this standard to be met across every center that applies to be a UNIFYD Healing Affiliated Center. These standards are to ensure that consistency is met for clients visiting your center.

Contribution Options

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Why Is There A Contribution?

We have costs involved in running the network that make it possible to have reached so many around the world in such a short time. Spreading awareness of the EESystem technology can't happen for free if we want to reach the masses so with the help of every center, we only grow stronger in our ability to reach even more people. Expenses such as website hosting, paid advertisements, graphic designing (in-house and contractors) as well as the amazing team overseeing UNIFYD Healing making everything happen behind-the-scenes.


Last but not least, the contributions allow us to donate systems to less fortunate countries around the world so that we can bring free healing to communities in need. With the help of all our centers on the network, we've already been able to donate a 24-unit EESystem to an Ashram in India!

Think you'd be a perfect fit for the UNIFYD Healing Network? We want to hear from you!
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UNIFYD Healing, together with EESystem, have come together to make bringing a center to countries in need more affordable.
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