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UNIFYD Healing, in direct collaboration with EESystem, have come together create a unified global initiative to spread awareness of the incredible Energy Enhancement System (EESystem). Our network of public, standardized centers are focused on a collective goal of ensuring this technology is accessible, affordable, and available to all of humanity.

By harnessing our limitless resources to jumpstart the success of your center, we go hand-in-hand with your endeavor to purchase an EESystem. The more centers a part of our Network, the greater impact we can have on ensuring everyone around the world is aware of the benefits.

As we continue to expand, we intend to increase our humanitarian efforts to ensure that the EESystem technology is available all around the world no matter what country or economic status you live in. With the help of each and every center a part of our Network, we are able to fund and donate EESystem's to countries and individuals who can't otherwise afford it on their own to provide the benefits at no-cost.

By joining the UNIFYD Healing network, you are a part of something much bigger than just yourself and your center - you are a part of a movement that stands for unity, love & compassion.

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Benefits of UNIFYD Healing

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Receive 10% off your EESystem purchase when opening a UNIFYD Healing Affiliated Center. This can equate to $12,500 savings on a 24-unit EESystem.

For eligible countries, The Helping Hand Program can provide 30% off your EESystem, if approved.

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Local Ads

40% of your UNIFYD Healing agreement goes towards a local ads campaign on Meta around your center once you open. This means individuals in your area will receive digital ads with a call-to-action to book sessions at your center.

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Ad Leads System

Included with your local ads is a Leads Management System that provides you the contact information of each person that interacts with your ad. This system provides you a resource to contact these individuals to turn them into guests at your center and track this status to stay organized.

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Interactive Map

Your center is added to an interactive map that allows individuals to easily find your center, view information to contact, and browse through events and testimonials relevant to your center.

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Location Zones

Each center in the network is assigned a specific area to ensure an even distribution and promote success for all centers.


Centers are generally spaced around 30 minutes apart, although factors such as population density, current traffic levels at centers, and market exposure are considered.

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10% Off

Receive 10% off your EESystem purchase when opening a UNIFYD Healing Affiliated Center. This can equate to up to $12,500 savings on a 24-unit (or more if a larger EESystem is desired) 

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Marketing Campaigns

Be a part of a monthly marketing campaigns directed at UNIFYD Healing to continue to expand awareness around the EESystem and each center globally. These campaigns can include news interviews, influencer collaborations, digital and written publications, and interviews just to name a few.

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Mobile App

Your center is included on our UNIFYD Healing mobile app for individuals to find your center right on their phone, access media from the Network, read and watch testimonials, and even interact with you on our social media platform, UNIFYD Healing Social.

Our official app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Center Portal

Receive access to our exclusive platform to utilize benefit, resources, meetings, news and updates, and our forum to talk with other center owners to support each other and come together as a community.

The Center Portal is also available as a mobile app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

If you're a UNIFYD Healing Center, please register HERE first. Once verified and approved, you can login from your computer and mobile app.

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Additional Benefits Included

Center Meetings

Join live monthly meetings with the UNIFYD Healing team that provide news and updates, announcements, and new features. Dr. Sandra Michael occasionally attends to answer EESystem-relevant questions.


Have the potential to be included on global tours where Jason Shurka and/or Dr. Sandra Michael visit your center to host informational and interactive events to increase awareness of the technology and your center.

Center Collabs

Attend bi-annual region-based meetings with other center owners to answer questions, collaborate on operational ideas, and provide guidance relevant to the country of your centers location.


We host the primary and central source for EESystem-related testimonials, meaning guests visiting your center can share testimonials to help others and shine a spotlight on your individual operation for the world to see.


Be a part of the newsletter sent out 1-2x per week that provides updates, media releases, testimonials, and events that help increase awareness for the Network (and your center) as a whole.

Curated Content

Our team creates and shares content and assets (video and graphics) for you to share on your social media accounts and marketing channels taking the headache out of graphic design and wondering what to share to promote your center.

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Requirements To Open A Center

In order to provide a consistent quality and experience across all public centers on the Network, we have a few requirements in order to be a part of the UNIFYD Healing Network and open a public EESystem center.

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This ensures that individuals visiting a public center maximize the benefit of each of their visits.

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Ensuring individuals can visit your center regardless of their mobility issues is important to make it accessible and fair for everyone. 

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Keeping sessions affordable for everyone is our primary goal and is crucial with helping as many people as possible.

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A simple UNIFYD Healing sign provided must be made visible to all guests from the outside of your center to spread Network awareness and community.

We require for this standard to be met across every center that applies to be a UNIFYD Healing Affiliated Center. These standards are to ensure that consistency is met for clients visiting your center.

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Contribution Options

We provide two options to make it affordable to open a public center and be a part of the UNIFYD Healing Network.

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Your 24-month agreement and monthly payments (if monthly commitment chosen) begin the upcoming month once you join.


Your 24-month agreement and monthly payments (if monthly commitment chosen) begin once you receive your EESystem and open. However, you can still take advantage of all the benefits at no additional cost while you wait for your EESystem to arrive. This also secures your location so that others don't apply where you plan to open.


In order for us to operate the Network, including our website, mobile apps, staffing, and systems, we require a financial contribution separate from your EESystem purchase. These contributions from each center are allocated in multiple ways to expand awareness of the technology and your center such as for your individual ad campaigns, public relation and marketing efforts, contractors for certain graphic and videography assistance, and donating to communities and individuals in-need as part of our non-profit initiative to bring this technology globally.

Without the commitment from every center already on board the Network, our expansion and reach would not be where it has reached. The larger we grow and come together as a community, the more we become noticed on the global stage to ensure everyone is aware of the incredible Energy Enhancement Technology.

Thanks to current centers contributions, we have already been able to help many individuals and communities, including our 24-unit EESystem donation to an Ashram in India that is free for all to visit and attend sessions.

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