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UNIFYD Healing is a non-profit organization committed to the betterment of humanity on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Together with EESystem, our goal is to create a unified global network of public centers with the initiative to spread awareness of the incredible Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) and help those in need around the world. Our network of public, standardized centers are focused on ensuring this technology is accessible, affordable, and available to all of humanity.

As a non-profit organization, we harness the unity of each of our centers and size of our Network to help give back to communities and individuals around the world. Thanks to the contributions of each center as well as the continued support of individuals visiting our centers, we have been able to donate a 24-unit EESystem to an Ashram in India to provide free sessions to any individual, regardless of their religious, economic, or cultural background. Our full and growing list of initiatives and donations are listed below for full transparency.

Regardless of if you are a center owner wanting to join the Network or someone interested in experiencing the EESystem at one of our centers, your support of the UNIFYD Healing Network is crucial in growing awareness around this technology and expanding our accessibility with more centers around the world.

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Initiatives & Donations

Food & Supplies

Easter Donation To Less Fortunate Families

Donated food and supplies to less fortunate families for the holiday season in Queens, NY, USA.


Matthew Hastings

Donated an EEQube to an autistic man in high school.

24-unit EESystem

Ashram in India

Donated a 24-unit EESystem to an Ashram in India to provide free sessions to a lower-income community. The Ashram is open to the public, no matter religious or culture, to attend EESystem sessions at no-cost.


Kurt Fletcher

Donated an EEQube to a family with a 13-month boy with a rare genetic disorder.


Sound of Freedom

Funded a portion of the film and acted as Executive Producer to help bring awareness to the global crisis of child trafficking.



Donated an EEQube to a 3 year old boy who contracted a rare form of bacterial meningitis at 9 days old. The damage inflicted on his brain as a consequence of the infection has left him with a number of complex needs.


Dylan Berry

Donated an EEQube to a 27 year old man who suffers with pain and mobility issues.

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The Word Is Spreading


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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Connects with UNIFYD Healing and EESystem to Amplify Holistic Wellness Movement

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UNIFYD Healing Donates $10,000 to Support the Child Liberation Foundation

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Sound of Freedom Executive Producer Takes Alternative Health World By Storm



UNIFYD Healing Founder Jason Shurka Changes His Focus From Profits to Purpose

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The Revolution of Healing Is Here

The American Reporter

Open A Center

Each center in the network is assigned a specific area to ensure an even distribution and promote success for all centers.


Centers are generally spaced around 30 minutes apart, although factors such as population density, current traffic levels at centers, and market exposure are considered.

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