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Desert Living Now: UNIFYD Healing

NBC Palm Springs

NBC Palm Springs interview Jason Shurka about UNIFYD Healing and the Energy Enhancement System.

The Localist San Diego: UNIFYD Healing

FOX 5 San Diego

UNIFYD Healing Founder Jason Shurka explains how The Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields.

UNIFYD Healing Donates $10,000 to Support the Child Liberation Foundation

The Globe and Mail

UNIFYD Healing, a leading humanitarian initiative founded by Jason Shurka, Executive Producer of Sound of Freedom, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the Child Liberation Foundation...

UNIFYD Healing Founder Jason Shurka Changes His Focus From Profits to Purpose

USA Today

Jason Shurka founded UNIFYD World to help expand collective consciousness around the world. The wellness branch of the organization, UNIFYD Healing, is spreading an important piece of this message far and wide.

Jason Shurka and Tony Robbins Discuss UNIFYD Healing in Viral YouTube Video

"Can we truly conquer disease and elevate our health to new heights?" This provocative question lies at the heart of a riveting conversation...

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Connects with UNIFYD Healing and EESystem to Amplify Holistic Wellness Movement

Yahoo! Finance

Renowned environmental activist, attorney, and Presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., delves into the realms of holistic wellness during an exclusive interview with Jason Shurka of UNIFYD Healing.

Sound of Freedom Executive Producer Takes Alternative Health World By Storm


Sound of Freedom executive producer Jason Shurka's new non-profit initiative, UNIFYD Healing, is taking the world by storm.

The Revolution of Healing Is Here

The American Reporter

As computers learn to think and AI programs write essays for us, here is a new question to ponder: what if technology is the key to overcoming disease? For thousands of years, humans have been at the mercy of their bodies – until now.

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