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UNIFYD Healing is a worldwide initiative established to increase awareness of the remarkable Energy Enhancement System (EESystem). Our goal is to make this technology accessible, affordable, and available to everyone anywhere in the world by establishing a standardized network of centers.

When you join our Network, we use our vast resources to help promote your UNIFYD Healing Center as well as to ensure the EESystem technology awareness continues to grow to ensure more people experience its incredible benefits. As our Network grows, so does our ability to reach thousands more people who are in need of an alternative.


Our humanitarian efforts are continually expanding and we are committed to ensuring that the EESystem technology is available to all regardless of location or economic status. Thanks to every center on our Network, we fund and donate EESystem's to countries that cannot afford them, making the technology available for free to the public.


Joining the UNIFYD Healing Network means becoming part of something much bigger than your individual center. It is one that is rooted in unity, love and compassion and together, we can empower individuals and communities with the incredible benefits of the EESystem.

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Receive a small glimpse into just one of the resources we provide to UNIFYD Healing Network centers. We strive to create more resources monthly and are currently working on EESystem Training Modules to provide our centers the knowledge of the technology and the best way to represent it.


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