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UNIFYD Healing Social - NOW AVAILABLE! 📱

We're excited to unveil our newest feature to the UNIFYD Healing Mobile App - UNIFYD Healing Social! 🎉

UNIFYD Healing Social is meant to bring the community together, whether it's finding like-minded individuals near you, connecting with center owners, or simply providing guidance to those who may need it most. We hope this new feature helps all of you find individuals around you that share the same values and interests.

In addition to the launch of UNIFYD Healing Social, we have made some design changes to the mobile app, including a new "feed" style on the home screen. This provides an overview of updates - such as new testimonials, recently-opened centers, upcoming events, promotions, and more! Additional changes have been made throughout the app to make it more intuitive, with more updates planned in the coming weeks.

We hope these new changes are enjoyed by you all - thank you for your support!


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