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How The EESystem Can Benefit

Mental & Emotional States

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Carol Geraci


I have a terminal illness. Healthy Body, Healthy Soul is my happy place. When I walk through the doors, my stress melts away. I take less meds for anxiety. Due to my illness, I suffer from PTSD. Never in that room. I have trouble sleeping at home, so sleeping out is usually a nightmare. I actually get a peaceful, restful nap when I am there. I also have a better night’s sleep after a session. Some of the best things about them is that everyone is faith oriented, I have more energy to do the things that bring me joy and you feel welcomed and “at home”. The words don’t hit your soul the way a visit to the center will. There are many services. Just check it out. It is well worth it.

24-unit EESystem

March 8, 2024

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Ashton Sams


Love that there is now a location so much closer to me, and the staff here is great! I started visiting the EE systems because of seizures I've had since I was young. Since I've started, I've had more energy, less stress, and sleep better, which are factors that help control my seizures. I am now going on 2 years seizure free.

24-unit EESystem

January 27, 2024

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Leanne James


I did have the most incredible breakthrough experience during my last Saturday scalar session. An emotional healing that I'm still feeling the rewards of.
Since then I've been a different person ❤️

24-unit EESystem

February 13, 2024

The Simple Overview of How The EESystem Works

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In a world where we are bombarded by energies, toxins, and stressors, our bodies are under immense pressure to perform optimally.


The Energy Enhancement System creates an environment that allows our bodies to do what they innately know best - regenerate.


The technology or system does not heal, cure or treat any ailment.

Just like when you cut your finger or break a bone, we expect our bodies to regenerate when we provide it the care it needs. Why should it be any different for any other ailment or condition?

Our bodies want to return to a state of equilibrium. By relaxing within the EESystem, your body matches the surrounding energy giving your cells the boost they need to perform most efficiently.

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Self-responsibility is key to experiencing the full benefits of the environment generated by the EESystem. Although many individuals feel improvements after just 1-2 hours, the body may need more hours within the system to regenerate. Proper nutrition and detoxification protocols are important to help pull out excess toxins as well as to give the nutrients your cells need to perform at their best.

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