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February 23, 2024

EESystem and UNIFYD Healing Unite Forces to Transform Lives Through Organizational Efforts, Global Education Initiatives, and Worldwide Innovative Awareness Campaign


EESystem and UNIFYD Healing are very excited to announce that we are now working even more closely together to align our unique strengths as a team! We are committed to ensuring the vision of our collective and unified culture, coupled with quality representation of centers, under one umbrella. This is all being done in order to ensure the success of center owners around the world while also increasing quality control and promoting unity.

In honor of this new level of collaboration, EESystem has pledged $12,000,000 to be spent over the next 12 months.  The generous pledge of $12,000,000 will be going towards EES research, educational content for both center owners and center goers, and raising awareness for the technology, as well as the centers, through an assertive and multi-faceted guerrilla marketing campaign that is already in the works.


Pledge Allocations:

  • 90% will be going directly towards marketing and major campaigns ($10,800,000)

  • 10% will be going directly towards education, research and studies ($1,200,000)


The 90% allocation directed towards marketing will be focused on PR campaigns, advertising, and the doubling of local ad spends for all UNIFYD Healing center owners, increasing ad spend to 40% for each center on the network compared to the current 20% allocation provided by UNIFYD Healing.  While not everyone who currently has a center is required to join UNIFYD, our goal is to reach a 90%+ network strength.

Effective immediately, and in order to reach our ultimate goal, all future potential centers must go through UNIFYD Healing to streamline the process and reach our collective goal. Ultimately, this will bring us all greater success, increase quality control, and bring the community together. We will collectively be implementing a very important and robust vetting process to ensure that only aligned and capable individuals enter our sacred community, further enhancing the energy we are creating on a global scale. Additionally, all future centers that join our community will need to have a minimum of 12 units and will have to meet certain criteria listed in the application process.  While we are not looking to have a franchise model and we appreciate each of you are unique, we are looking to create optimal end user experiences. EESystem is committed to assisting all current centers with less than 12-unit systems in various different ways to upgrade their systems through incentives and promotions. More will be shared on this soon!


In order to manifest our collective intention of bringing the majority of our current community into UNIFYD HEALING, EESystem will be providing special incentives to help center owners not currently on the network make the transition. Every center that meets the given criteria will be eligible for the following:


Incentives for current non-UNIFYD centers to join the network:

  1. EES will subsidize the first 7-12 months of the UNIFYD Healing contract for center owners who are not yet on the network (subsidy of $7,000-$12,000 per center depending upon the size of the system at a given center)!

  2. 10% off EESystem merchandise moving forward (most products and upgrades).

  3. Free starter kit of EES merchandise worth $2,000.

  4. 40% of total UNIFYD Healing contract goes directly towards paid local ads that are tracked with quantifiable results and data accessible to centers directly (this makes the contract nearly free since roughly 50% is going towards subsidizing contracts).

  5. There will also be a lottery announced shortly, provided to those who transition by a certain deadline, which will include 3 prizes and 3 winners (free 4-unit upgrade, 50% off renewal with UNIFYD Healing after the contract term comes to an end, and an EESystem mystery merchandise box valued at $2,000). More information on this will be shared in the near future.


If you fit into this category and are interested in taking advantage of these incredible incentives, please let us know as soon as possible to gain access to all incentives and be a part of the upcoming lottery using this link: 


For all UNIFYD centers currently on the network, as a token of appreciation for your support and loyalty to the mission, you will all be receiving very unique opportunities as well, such as:


Current UNIFYD member Incentives:

  1. 10% off most EESystem merchandise (and upgrades) moving forward.

  2. Extra 20% of your UNIFYD Healing contract will go towards ads, subsidized by EES (effective immediately) – 40% of total contract goes directly to paid local ads that are tracked with quantifiable results and data accessible to centers directly (this makes the contract nearly free due to initial 10% discount received on the technology).

  3. Special incentives upon renewals that will be announced when the time comes.


We ask and expect all center owners around the world to continue paying it forward by helping the less fortunate whenever there are empty chairs that can be filled. Remember that beyond running a business, you are also part of a global humanitarian project! UNIFYD Healing is also currently working on a subsidy program to help those in need, while supporting centers around the world. More on this will be shared closer to the end of 2024.


Ultimately, it is because of UNIFYD Healing and center owners around the world that EESystem has experienced its most recent unprecedented expansion, which is why EESystem felt so inspired to make these major updates effective immediately and provide the $12,000,000 pledge right away. A special thank you to Jason Shurka for taking on this massive project without receiving any compensation. His mastery is public awareness which is why EESystem is entrusting him to spear-head this global campaign. This is what true leadership is about: It is UNITY and ONENESS that will bring us to our collective destiny and each and every one of us are a part of bringing forth the new world that we all strive for into fruition, sooner rather than later. The next year looks very promising thanks to these changes. The future is EXTREMELY BRIGHT for millions around the world, and thankfully, we get to serve directly to make this all happen.


We must unite as a greater community and lead by example; our vision is to embody a combined unification for achievement of our shared mission to heal the world! Starting, Monday, February 26th, our teams will be ready to answer emails and officially commence our operations!




The EESystem & UNIFYD Healing Team


Media Contact:


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