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Workshop with Clint Ober

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Event Details

2191 5th Street #205, Norco, CA 92860, USA

2PM (Local)





Movie, Workshop and Dinner with Clint Ober - Father of Grounding and Founder of

We are SO excited to welcome Clint Ober, lovably known as the father of grounding, to Ascended Wellness on Saturday, October 7th.

This event promises to be our best event yet! We will start off by watching Clint’s documentary, The Earthing Movie, the Remarkable Science of Grounding in the 40-unit EE system room. This will be followed up with a Q&A and workshop lead both indoors and out by Clint. Then the event will end with an al fresco dinner grounding and sun gazing outdoors. For complete details, please go to the Clint Ober Workshop page at To reserve your spot, login and reserve at

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