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Tribal Sound Bath Healing - May 11

Sound Healing

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Event Details

143 West Street, Suite D

4:30 - 6:30PM (Local)





In honor of mothers day, we are hosting a unique experience with healing instruments that harness the vibration of mother earth along with breath work to facilitate the movement of energy in our 3 lower, earth energy centers.
Join us on May 11th for a mind, body, soul emersion sound healing with Sue & James inside the EESystem sanctuary. James will be starting our ceremony with a more intense, tribal sound scape using drums and other root sounding instruments. We will begin in the seated position with guided breath work. After that, we will lye back while Sue serenades us with her angelic sounds using voice, crystal singing bowls and much more. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Mothers will receive a special gift in honor and recognition of the vital role they give to our planet.

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