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The Holistic Health & Wellbeing Conference


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Event Details

Kensington Town Hall, Hornton St, London W8 7NX, UK

9 - 5PM (Local)



Limited Quantity


The Holistic Health & Wellbeing Conference 2024

Join us for a transformative journey into holistic healing, offering you a unique gathering of highly influential speakers who will provide you with a conference to remember. Immerse yourself in a world of health and wellbeing, where science and ancient wisdom meet modern practices. Discover the power of the Energy Enhancement System as we explore coming home to the body, and learn about body detox protocols, food, water and nutrition.

The main topic will be Scalar Wave Therapy and we shall dive into other healing modalities but speakers will talk about controversial subjects that have been silenced online but we all know what is the truth. Holistic healing is under threat like never before and we need to promote alternatives to Western pharmaceuticals.

The 2nd day is for Sandra and Jason to talk to EESystem Centre owners to bring the European family together into one place and discuss best practices and how to help all those in need.

Every ticket purchased entitles the buyer to 2 free hours in the Battersea Park Clinic's Energy Enhancement Room, worth £80. These hours can be used at any time from the date of purchase through until the end of 2024.

Details of food, drink, wheelchair access etc are all detailed on the Day 1 Conference page.

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