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Sound Therapy with Saleste

Sound Therapy

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Event Details

8180 Macleod Trail Southeast suite 20, Calgary, AB, Canada

6:30 - 8PM (Local)





Saleste brings her expertise to the EE system vortex to host a full body immersive experience in which participants are awash in sound vibrations and healing energy.

The vibrations from Saleste’s sound collection penetrate the subtle body to release blockages that we may be holding onto allowing the frequencies to activate dormant energies in the body. Coupled with the EE system vortex, this event will be a deep healing session for the mind, body and soul.

Sound is one of the most ancient forms of healing that human beings have used and explored over the millenniums. Across all cultures there is reference to the power of sound to transform, transmute and heal.

"Sound and vibration has the power to heal our wounds, ignite our spirit, and re-unite us with the divine harmonies and rhythms of the Universe.” ~ DONNA CAREY

With over twenty five years in the holistic health industry, Saleste's expertise includes the study of consciousness, the mind/body connection, plant medicine and the power of sound as a healing agent. She has gained many titles over the last two decades, including a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive and Master Herbalist and has worked with thousands of clients from babies to the elderly, and taught hundreds of students. and hosted a plethora of healing events.

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