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Sound Bowl Healing - Jul 26

We invite you to join us for a profound experience – the Kundalini Breathwork Sound Healing Activation®. This session is an immersive opportunity to engage in ancient breathwork techniques, carefully curated to reset the nervous system and instill a deep sense of relaxation in both mind and body.

During this transformative session, you'll embark on an internal sound vision quest. Enveloped by the resonance of crystal quartz instruments, the specially composed binaural frequencies, and the ethereal expressions of light language, you'll find yourself in a unique blend of sensory exploration.

Crystal quartz instruments, known for their vibrational purity, will guide you through a harmonious journey. Specially composed binaural frequencies work in harmony with your breath, creating a therapeutic environment. Light language, a form of non-verbal communication, adds an extra layer to this holistic experience, connecting you with profound aspects of your inner self.

This amalgamation of ancient breathwork and these transformative sound elements aims to surround you with healing energies, facilitate personal transformation, and elevate your vibrations. It's more than a session; it's a voyage towards rejuvenation and a deeper connection with your inner self. Come, experience the synergy of ancient wisdom and contemporary healing in the Kundalini Breathwork Sound Healing Activation®. Your journey awaits.

Join us in the EESystem room for this amazing event! Book online or call Healthy Body Healthy Soul at 985-898-9445. Please bring a mat and pillow.

Snacks available after. There is a minimum 24-hour cancellation policy.

July 26, 2024

7 - 8:30PM (Local)





220 Park Place suite 300, Covington, LA, USA

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Contact The Center To RSVP

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