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Knowing Your Soul Truth


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Event Details

24325 Meridian Avenue South, Bothell, WA 98021, USA

4:30 - 6PM (Local)





Celebrate Solstice-Eve with a Guided Journey to Identify Your Soul Truth

Use this knowledge as a powerful tool to shift out of confusion or overwhelm and back to your natural state of centered, potent clarity.

John will guide you through emotionally charged situations of your choosing from the recent past that will highlight stories that you may repeat about yourself.

These stories will be compared with your true essence and you will create a new story that reflects the Truth of your soul.

Looking at past situations through this lens can change your present experience of the past without changing what happened. ♥


Optional Solstice Overnight Session:

For those who would like to continue the Soul Truth journey into the night and wake up on Solstice morning within the powerful energies of the 24-Unit EESystem, keep your lovelight on with an optional Overnight Session at the special rate of $222 (up to 5 participants).

John will guide you to ask your dreams for additional information to build on your insights. The group will spend some time talking about this before going to sleep and again in the morning.

The overnight option is a 12-hour session from 8 pm to 8 am. Please call or email us to add or inquire about this option.


John Halas weaves multidimensional beauty as a minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living, a high-rise engineer, a Sweat Lodge leader, a competitive swimmer, and a published author.

“John is the embodiment of love itself with a heart so big that even humpback whales want to hang out with him for hours on end... literally. A generous, skilled, and supportive guide, John’s meditation experiences are pure healing magic.” ~ Shelley Milne

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