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Ignititing Momentum! - May 19

Feeling stuck or unable to move forward despite your best efforts?
It's time to ignite some momentum and break through those energetic barriers preventing you from moving forward!

Join us Center Directors Dom Campbell, and Jay Vince-Cruz for a transformative workshop in our 24-unit Energy Enhancement System Room where we'll dive deep into powerful strategies to overcome energetic resistance!

Through a dynamic blend of interactive exercises, insightful discussions, and practical techniques, you'll learn how to harness your energy and unleash your full potential!

Whether you’re striving for improved wellness, professional success, or simply seeking a more fulfilling life, discover how to identify and dismantle the invisible barriers that are impeding your progress. We'll equip you with the tools to create unstoppable momentum.

Don't let inertia hold you back any longer!

Join us for the EESunday Workshop!

$60 Early Bird / $85 General Reservation

May 19, 2024

10AM (Local)





170 Township Line Rd building b, Hillsborough, NJ 08844, USA

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Contact The Center To RSVP

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