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Coherence Healing Circle - June 6

By simply existing inside the Vortex space you are recharging your energy and vitality. We welcome you to be curious and participate with us and your fellow community members to magnify your healing potential.

This safe, guided healing circle will allow you to:

Connect to the collective energy of your Luminescence community members, actively participating so that you can experience reciprocal, magnified healing.
Learn how to raise your vibration and channel energy
Experience surrender, and learn to deeply receive a profound unconditional love so that your vibration can rise even higher, amplifying your healing.
Experience a deeper connection to that which is greater, so that you can truly feel that you are never alone.
Deepen your relaxation through sound bowl therapy and guided meditation.

June 6, 2024

7PM (Local)





8180 Macleod Trail South, Calgary, AB, Canada

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Contact The Center To RSVP

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