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Breathwork in the EESystem

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Event Details

Van der Lindelaan 2b, 1217PK Hilversum

10:30AM - 1PM (Local)





Breathing is often something we take for granted, but have you ever considered how powerful and decisive your breathing can be? And do you want to learn how to breathe consciously to connect more with your body and energy?

My name is Marco Lagas and I cordially invite you to participate in our breathing workshop at the House of Flow. During this 2.5 hour session you will be immersed in a safe and relaxed environment of the energy field of the EESSystem in our Energy Studio. The EESystem is a special technology that helps you to relax completely and to let your energy flow again. The EESystem also works with very special frequencies, which ensure that your body can repair itself. For more information about the EE System, visit

In this special space I take you on a journey to create awareness for your breathing patterns. Elysa Kramer of Flowmotion Energy Center will guide the workshop.

We start with some gentle exercises to land in our body, followed by a clear explanation of how breathing works and its influence on our nervous system. The breath is inextricably linked to how we are, who we are and where we are”. The way we breathe has a huge impact on how we approach life. We currently live in a hectic and anxious world. As a result, we regularly hold our breath. And that has consequences for the body: physically, mentally and emotionally. We also get to work practically and focus on the Connecting Breath to experience what this can mean directly on a physical and mental level.

This session invites you to release emotions, blockages, tensions and old patterns. You will create space in your body and mind and arrive deeper at yourself. This is a wonderful opportunity to treat yourself to a deep breathing experience that is unique every time.

Sign up and reserve your spot for this beautiful Breathing Session. We look forward to guiding you and supporting you in your inner journey.


Marco Lagas & Elysa Kramer


Breathwork is not suitable for:
Recent surgery
Serious psychosomatic problems
Epileptic attacks
Severe asthma (for moderate asthma we can discuss how to tackle it together)
Heart and vascular disease
Retinal detachment
Active drug use
If in doubt, always consult your doctor before deciding to participate.

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