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Angel Energy Sessions within EESystem by Jill Reed - Aug 5

⚡️Do you need to calm your thougts & release emotional stress from your body?

Maybe it's time to try something new...
like an ANGEL ENERGY SESSION in the EES room @ Quantum Wellness for Life in Dillsburg, PA!

⚡️What happens in an ANGEL ENERGY SESSION?

I open up the Archangelic Realms for you to receive a Channeled Angel Meditation that moves Angel Energy through your body.
The Energy Enhancement System (EES) uses scalar wave technology set to the Angelic Frequency of 1111 to bring your body into balance so it can heal.
The scalar waves & Angel Energy work together to lift stress energy from your mind, body & spirit. You also receive the combination of Healing Touch, Stone Medicine & Sound that will put you into a state of profound peace.

The energy in sessions is palpable & powerful.
Some report alleviation of physical health symptoms.
Many report decreased anxiety & depression.
EVERYONE reports Peace & renewed

️Jill is a portal to the light, energy & information of the Angelic Realms. She has Soul Remembrances...or an inner knowing...
of Archangels, Stones, Sound, Sigils, Sacred Oils, Runes, Light Language, and Mary Magdalene & Yeshua Energy.
️She is a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner & PSYCH-K®️ Online Facilitator.
Jill specializes in releasing trauma @ the cellular level & guiding others to their Soul Remembrance.

Everything emerges from and returns to a fundamental field of information that connects us all.
〰️Nassim Haramein

August 5, 2024

4PM (Local)





418 Range End Road, Dillsburg, Pa 17019 USA

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Contact The Center To RSVP

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