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Conversations w/ Animals - Sep 30

September 30, 2023

10:45AM (Local)

Tickets Available
Ticket Price

2191 5th Street, #205, Norco, CA 92860

Event Details

For three consecutive Saturdays in September, we will be holding a book club event with a twist! What’s the twist, you ask? This book club event requires no reading!

We will be featuring Amusing to Profound — My Conversations with Animals I and II as we test out this unique idea. The 25 short stories that comprise this touching book by Suzanne Ward will be read to you while you are relaxed and comfortably resting in the EE system environment. You will be in a 40-unit EE system room for 2 hours (a $120 value). This is a very sweet and touching book that is appropriate for all ages.

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