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Stress & Pain Management Workshop - May 25


This is an 8 hour workshop, spread over 2 x 4 hour sessions. One on Saturday 25th May and Sunday 2nd June. Come and learn practical tools on how to better manage and overcome stress and pain.

This special event is run by Judith Clark. Judith is a seasoned practitioner with 30 years in personal development and a Diploma in Counseling. This course is designed to equip attendees with tools to alleviate anxiety and pain.

Judith uses the Magnetic Mind Process, a 5-step approach aligning intentions with the quantum field, enhancing release and harmony. In the EES environment, combining these methods optimizes their synergistic benefits. Judith's holistic approach, grounded in mindset and physical well-being, fosters profound life enhancements

May 25, 2024

2PM (Local)


411 Magill Rd, Saint Morris SA, Australia

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