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Soul Therapy™ Introduction with EESystem™ Stockholm - May 26


Join Licensed Soul Therapist™ Milla Andersson and EESystem™ Stockholm co-owner for a free, three hour in-person gathering of women exploring how to connect to your true authentic expression.

During our time together you will be asked questions that will lead you into greater awareness of who you are, why you get stuck, what your soul wants to communicate to you, how to manifest your dreams and how to love yourself.

Your soul is the guardian and gatekeeper to your true self. Your authentic voice is the one main requirement that resides within you and provides ample opportunities for you to listen, grow and expand. Most people don’t know how to listen or understand how to embrace your soul’s wisdom and knowledge. Soul Therapy Seminars are designed to show you how to remove the barriers that stop you from experiencing and loving a fully expressed, evolutionary life!

A licensed Soul Therapist™ provides the tools and techniques to live your life empowered from the Soul level. She enables you to release, restore, and heal the past and embrace the future with confidence.

Who should attend? This seminar is designed for the women who wants to discover her authentic self, express her inner desires and feel grounded in her body, led by her soul.

Location: EESystem™ Stockholm, Junohällsvägen 1, Stora Essingen.

Time: Sunday May 26, 2024 at 13:00 – 16:00

Price: Free. Registration required.

May 26, 2024

1 - 4PM (Local)


Junohällsvägen 1, 112 64 Stockholm, Sweden

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