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Enliven the Energy and Body - July 13


Join us for an evening of Tai Chi movement, breathing, and circulation with Dr. Lisa and Matthew Ancira. Experience the benefits of classical Tai Chi and learn how it opens the energy and breath within you body. This class provides practical tools to enhance your daily life, promoting longevity and happiness.

Dr. Lisa and Matthew Ancira are a dynamic duo in both life and the healing realm. Lisa, a seasoned pediatrician, yogi, and student of alternative medicines, combines her expertise with Matthew's extensive 13-year study of classical Tai Chi and Kung Fu under a master teacher. Matthew is also a teacher of chi kung, meditation, martial ares, and a skilled eastern healer in energy work within the body and mind.

July 13, 2024

6:30 - 8:30PM (Local)


220 Park Place suite 300, Covington, LA, USA

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